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If Amazon Affiliate Account Get's Banned 2019

If you happen to lose your amazon affiliate associates account try doing the whole process all over again.  There can be several reasons why you got kicked out the program, maybe you did a redirect to the listing page to that forced the visitor/buyer to the product page. Maybe you used a certain wordpress Theme that used some sort of iFrame or maybe a plugin you installed.  Some would even say not to mention the price in the article, that could even get your account dismantled and lose that affiliate cash money.  Losing your Amazon affiliate account is not the end of your online marketing carrier, you can always promote BestBuy.com affiliate program & Discover 60 legitimate, sustainable ways to make money online! When you feel like the day has come that you want to learn these staying home jobs, work with these how to online guides with each specific different methods.

Try some of our affiliate tips for any amazon associates account to earn 10% on each sale fees from that e-commerce site you created that will help keep your commissions.

If you get your account banned, don't worry. It is also known if you sell on amazon and get your account banned they will hold your money on lock for over 60-90 days to make sure that their customers get the goods. This info below is to help get a new Amazon Associates Account not for a merchant account.

  • New Email Address
  • Mailing address
  • New iP or both a Router could work Best to change both. Fresh start.
  • Niche Site - start a new a website
  • Maybe a hosting account
  • Different money keyword/money making niche.

Some dont's

  • Do not cloak or hide links

  • Links that you may include PDFs, Ebook
  • Mailing
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Email or attachment to email going to documents, verbal solicitation
  • Do Not Login into new account from old account computer or the old email into new setup.

Now you have a option to always purchase a ready done for you Amazon Niche Site that comes with full online course.

Visit BestBuy.com to get a router or just go out for a walk and go to best buy.  Who doesn't like going into that store and checking out today's gadgets in person.   Oneday those stores might go extinct just like some of the species that roamed this planet.



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